This project consists of my eight attempts to pose for a two hour self-portrait with my handmade camera. They’ve all taken place outside, and the poses have ranged from standing, sitting, walking, and lying down. In all but the walking photograph, I’ve tried to remain as still as possible to create an image of my body in the camera. There has been an element of pain in each pose, due to the weather and/or the position itself. Some made me feel trapped inside my body and others felt more like I could transcend my body. I was alone with myself in what seemed like an inevitably uncomfortable position, paying attention to what that felt like, and what it’s like to experience two hours in that state. I was interested in expanding my sensory awareness, practicing mental concentration, and altering my perception of time. I found satisfaction in going beyond limitations I thought I had; placing myself in uncomfortable situations made me feel more fully alive, in that I explored sensations rarely experienced day to day. Every time I’ve made one of these photographs, I’ve thoroughly practiced my patience, tolerance, and strength.